European History 1789-1918

Europe in 1789

French Revolution 1

The pre revolutionary situation and the revolution up to the execution of Louis XV! in 1793

French Revolution 2

The revolution 1792-1799

French Revolution 3

Women and the French Revolution.

French Revolution 4

Important figures: - Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Mirabeau, Danton and Robespierre

French Revolutionary Wars

The revolutionary wars 1792-1802. Work in progress - to be rewritten.
Napoleon 1

Early life to the coming to power in 1799 the coup de brumaire.

Napoleon 2

Napoleon 1799 -1815.  

Napoleon's Family

A description of Napoleon's family and the titles he gave them.

Napoleon - Hero or Villain

An assessment of Napoleon

Architecture, Fashion and style in the French Revolution and Napoleonic era

The Congress of Vienna

The settlement at the end of  Napoleonic wars in 1815

The Partition of Poland

The destruction of the Polish state by partition 1772, 1792 and 1794.

The Agricultural Revolution in Britain

The Agricultural revolution

The Industrial Revolution in Britain and Europe

The Industrial revolution

Why did the Industrial Revolution start in Britain?

The Age of Revolutions

The causes of revolutionary activity 1815-1848

France 1815-1848

The Bourbon restoration, the !830 revolution and Louis-Phillippe

Italy 1815-1848

Austrian domination of Italy in the period

Germany 1815-1848

Austrian domination of Germany in the period

Austria-Hungary 1815-1848

The problems of the Habsburg monarchy and the growth of opposition and nationalism in the Austrian Empire.

Belgian Independence 1830

The Belgian revolution and indepedence

The 1848 Revolutions

Revolutions in France, Italy, Germany and the Austrian Empire.  Initial success was followed by ultimate failure.  Causes of the failure and an assessment of the 1848 revolutions.

Russia 1815-1881

The Russian autocracy in the first 4 decades of the 19th century.  The emancipation of serfs and the growth of opposition.

French birthrate in the nineteenth century

France moved from being the most poulous country in Western Europe to being overtaken by Britain and Germany and the loss of its position as the foremst power in Europe.

The Eastern Question up to 1856

The problem of the decline of the Ottoman Empire and the rise of nationalism in the Balkans up to the end of the Crimean War.

The Second French Empire 1852-1870

France under Napoleion III

The Unification of Italy 1850-71

German Unification 1862-71

Otto von Bismarck's policies and achievement

The Eastern Question 1856-1878

The History of Colonialism

An introduction to Colonialism from the 15th century onwards

The New Imperialism 1870-1914

The massive increase in colonialism in this period including the rush for Africa and colonial expansion in the Far East.

Bismarck's Alliance System 1879-90

The construction of alliances to protect Germany that led to 2 rival alliance systems which was a cause of World War I.

The Kingdom of Italy 1870-1915

The troubled political system and the weak economy.

Imperial Germany 1871-1914

Domestic policies in Germany before 1914.

The Hapsburg Monarchy 1849-1914

The divided Austrian/Austro-Hungarian empire

Imperial Russia 1881-1914

The weakness of Russia, attempted reform and revolutionary tendencies

Architecture 1815-1914

European Art 1815-1914

European Classical Music in the 19th century

Fashion in the nineteenth century

Popular entertainment in the
nineteenth century

The Origins of the First World War

The First World war 1914

World War 1 Breaking the Stalemate

The Western Front 1915-16

The Eastern Front 1914-17